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The Basics of Retail Construction

Retail construction is a relatively simple concept to understand. When it comes to building and renting retail spaces there are certain obligations that the builder has to the tenants and vice versa. Basic retail construction means the building of a space that is either finished on the interior or left for the tenant to complete.

When a company starts a retail construction project they generally have an idea of what type of business and tenant they will be hosting when the building is complete. With this in mind builders generally construct a building to the specifications that they believe will best fit the type of business that may be housed within the building. For instance, a company that wants to attract restaurants to their retail construction project will likely structure their project to reflect the needs of a restaurant space. Adding rooms like rest rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, and utility closets to mimic the interior of a restaurant. For companies that want to attract stores they may build large show rooms and stocking rooms.

For businesses that do not have a preconceived notion about what type of business may be housed in the building it is generally better for them to build only the outer structure. This means building four walls with space inside that can be customized by the renter or tenant when they start renting the space. This type of build is generally beneficial for businesses that have a highly specialized style or that have special needs when it comes to a space. Though this is good if you want an incredibly custom space for your business, it is also a bit pricier than renting a completed space.

Tenant build outs are a process by which the tenant rents or purchases a building that has been zoned for commercial use and they complete the interior of the building themselves. This can include painting, flooring, lighting, any extra rooms, furnishing, and any other sort of customization that they require. Because they provide the finishing touches to the building, it is no longer the responsibility of the retail construction company to complete the building unless they are contracted to do so by the tenant. The price of rental and other fees may change after the building has been completed and there is also the possibility that the retail building owner can essentially purchase the completion from the tenant should they vacate the building.